ALL INCLUSIVE elopement Package

[includes up to 4 guests]


elope in california


On your big day, simplicity takes center stage with Our Little Wedding’s all-inclusive elopement packages. As you ease into your dress, the day unfolds naturally, and the excitement builds. With just the two of you, the authenticity of the moment is palpable, making it all the more real. Underneath the ancient trees, vows are exchanged, tears are shed, and you officially become partners for life.

Capturing these genuine moments is our skilled photographer, ensuring that your unique love story is preserved in every frame. Post-ceremony, enjoy a laid-back photo session, a champagne toast, and perhaps a spontaneous dance to celebrate the joyous occasion. With these captured memories in hand, you head off to a private dinner to continue the intimate celebration, bidding farewell to our team as your tranquil wedding day continues.

Our all-inclusive elopement packages are designed to keep things simple yet memorable. We understand that your wedding day is about more than just the ceremony; it’s about creating lasting memories in a stress-free environment. So, whether you’re exchanging vows, sipping champagne, or enjoying a quiet dinner for two, our goal is to make every moment special, with an all-inclusive approach that allows you to focus on what matters most – your love and the start of your new journey together.

Assistance in planning all aspects of your wedding day
Concierge service
Personal florals for two
Mini cake (we bring a stand, plates and forks so you can cut the cake!)
3 hours of professional photography
1 Day-of coordinator
Bottle of your choice of beverage and glasses for a toast

All packages include


Whether you’re more fond of hand-tied or cascade is your preferred style, the florals will be personalized to you.


Your cake will always be designed with your personal style and taste (no pun intended) in mind.


The process begins with a location consultation with your wedding coordinator to find and secure your perfect spot!


Our parent company Viera Photographics will have your friends and family feeling like they were right there with you.


Imagine having someone you trust by your side, throughout the day to handle the little things and bring good energy to your day.


We celebrate diversity and work with a full range of clients so we can accommodate most needs, be it a priest, a non-religious officiant, or culturally specific celebrant.


All Inclusive Elopement Package
All Inclusive Elopement Package
All Inclusive Elopement Package
All Inclusive Elopement Package
All Inclusive Elopement Package
All Inclusive Elopement Package
All Inclusive Elopement Package
All Inclusive Elopement Package

Happy Them

Elisa and Frank

Our wedding was beyond anything we could have imaged. Our Little Wedding helped us find a location and food and overall vibe that we loved, and when rain threatened to upend the whole plan, they helped us pivot to to something even better. We could not be happier with the wedding day experience for us and our guests, or with the pictures we have to help us remember it all.

Courtney and Robert

The Our Little Wedding team was creative in finding venues, vendors, and solutions to special requests. Jaime, Dennis, Brian, and Lily were great as our “day of” team, were thorough with the details, and made sure that we felt comfortable and had fun throughout our wedding. We loved the photos and wedding video and are grateful to have those memories to share with our family and friends.

Ingrid and Andy

Andy and I had a winter mountain wedding with no guests. Thus, it was really important that we had lasting documentation for friends and family. The Vieras are great at finding beauty in many situations, and their creativity throughout the day was fun and inspiring to be around, not to mention without obligations, timelines and schedules, we really got to enjoy the photographic experience.