Eloping Etiquette 101

Eloping Etiquette 101

Do you and your sweetheart plan on dashing away for private weekend nuptials?  Is the cost of a big affair to much of a burden?  Do you dislike being the center of attention?  Or perhaps you want your vows to be an intimate moment.  There are many reasons couples elope, but whatever reason you have chosen, there are a few things to consider to make your family, friends and loved ones still feel involved and you don’t feel guilty for making the choice to elope.

Break the News

Tell your friends and family as soon as possible to when you have decided to elope.  This will avoid hurt feelings if they find out after. If there are some who react unexpectedly or are unsupported of your decision, thank them for their desire to be included in this special moment and remind them your decision is solely about what is best for the two of you as a couple.  If you are considering professional services, like our live-streaming, let your loved ones know they can still be a part of your day.

Send Announcements

After you have officially wed, send out a formal announcement similar to a wedding invitation or save the date card.  Share a link to online galleries and videos so family and friends can share in your excitement.  Most photographers allow couples to keep certain images private and others public within their online gallery if you would like to keep some images for just the two of you.

If you are planning a less formal post elopement party, include the details in the announcement.


Find Other Ways to Celebrate

Even if you aren’t hosting an informal party, you can still find ways to celebrate with loved ones.  Consider drinks and dancing with a group of friends to toast the newly weds.  Family style dinner at a local restaurant with the extended families is a great way to have both sides feel together in the union.


Also plan some special activities for the two of you on your elopement weekend. Unless you are driving to Vegas in the middle of the night on a whim, you are still planning details for your elopement.  Consider strategically splurging on some of the following:

  • Day at the spa near the ceremony location
  • Overnight in the honeymoon suite
  • Flowers for the two of you during your vows that can also double as decor in that honeymoon suite you just booked
  • Have your cake and champagne too!

Our concierge services can help you plan the perfect elopement weekend and access to our preferred vendor list will give you ease of mind knowing you are in trusted, experienced hands.

Register for Gifts, Modestly

While some etiquette professionals will tell you that since you didn’t have a reception, you should not register for gifts.  We say, put together a small but modest registry so that when people hear of the news and want to celebrate you, they can easily pick out a gift and send it to you with a few clicks.  Remember, don’t put the registry information on the announcement because that is tacky.  Instead, let the word spread naturally by asking your parents and closest friends to help spread the word.

If you are having any kind of post celebratory parties or dinners, gift registries are perfectly acceptable so don’t be too modest.