Micro Wedding Ideas

A collection of some of our favorite micro weddings.

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All packages include

micro wedding packages

Our packages include an arrangement for each of you. We work with local floral artists who source in-season florals to create stunning bouquets and arrangements for your celebration. Whether you’re more fond of hand-tied or cascade is your preferred style, the florals will be personalized to you.

micro wedding officiant

All of our marriage celebrants care immensely about what they do and will typically set up a meeting (or two) with each couple before creating their personalized ceremony. We celebrate diversity and work with a full range of clients so we can accommodate most needs, be it a priest, a non-religious officiant, or culturally specific celebrant. We can also work with your friend or family member who may be performing the marriage duties.

micro wedding planner

Even after all the planning is done…we keep it stress-free. Imagine having someone you trust by your side, throughout the day to handle the little things and bring good energy to your day. Your day of coordinator will be there with your lip gloss, to remind you to breathe, to make sure you’re hydrated, and just to make sure you can stay focused on why you’re there. From set-up to break down, and everything in between, we’ve got it covered.

redwood elopement photography

Having an intimate wedding might make you feel like you're leaving a few people out but not to worry! The comprehensive and photojournalistic style - all done by our parent company Viera Photographics - will have your friends and family feeling like they were right there with you.

micro wedding planning services

Our planning services are in a class of their own. The process begins with a location consultation with your wedding coordinator to find and secure your perfect spot! We utilize online questionnaires and meetings so that we can design your package around you. After our consultation, you’ll get a dedicated chat room with direct access to our concierge services. We aim to keep the process simple for you while also helping with any extras just in case you decide to spoil yourselves a bit.

micro wedding cake

We work with our bakers to provide simple cake options with floral decorations and a variety of favors to choose from. Your cake will always be designed with your personal style and taste (no pun intended) in mind. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions and we also provide alternatives such as cupcakes or pies!

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