Thy and Brandon – San Francisco City Hall Minimony

Thy and Brandon – San Francisco City Hall Minimony

Choosing to have a San Francisco City Hall Minimony doesn’t mean you have to forego a wedding in a breathtaking and majestic venue. Like many of our couples, Thy and Brandon travelled here from their home in Seattle for their intimate San Francisco City Hall wedding. In Thy’s words:

We wanted something intimate that was more about us and those close to us. We didn’t want a giant wedding where we would not even really be able to spend time with the people who mattered most. We’re a relatively shy and practical couple that just wanted the memory to be relatively stress-free.


A simple city hall wedding also doesn’t mean that you need to forego a gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress, and Thy looked incredible as she made her way up the grand staircase to meet Brandon. The minimony was short, sweet, and quite emotional. Brandon’s mother was in tears and Thy described the feeling as “surreal when the commissioner had us promise to take care of each other for the rest of our lives.”

Once the ceremony was finished, the couple took some family photos before signing their license, hugging and kissing their family and saying farewell. They walked hand-in-hand, out the revolving door and into the city, husband and wife, and only just only an hour after they arrived!

We spent the next few hours walking the city, traversing some of the steepest streets, and reliving some great memories. The couple met years before in the city where Brandon was living through a mutual friend and Thy described it as proper love at first sight. We based our walking photo tour around the Nob Hill area which coincidentally was not far from where Brandon’s apartment was during his time in the city which brought back some great memories for them.  Traversing some of the city’s steepest neighborhood streets, they more than earned the wedding dinner! Later that afternoon they heading off to a few days in Big Sur to celebrate together. A perfect, stress-free elopement!