Berkeley Micro wedding

When Katie and George decided on a Berkeley micro wedding for their nuptials, they knew the Graduate Hotel was the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day. They were focused on combining thoughtful details with joyful moments to create a celebration that friends and family won’t soon forget. With its vintage charm and modern aesthetic, the Graduate Hotel in Berkeley was the ideal setting.

They wanted each detail to be filled with intentionality – from the beautiful woods to the modern eclectic vibe. With love in every step, these two created a special day that allowed for moments of romance, as well as a relaxed atmosphere for all their guests to enjoy. Their perfect combination of classic elegance and sophisticated comfort was the ideal way to kick off the start of their marriage together.
They wanted a modern eclectic vibe, Beautiful woods, romantic moments, intentionality.

Although Katie and George’s original plan of a beautiful outdoor wedding surrounded by redwoods in Roberts Regional Park was dashed after an unfortunate windstorm, they found solace in the Graduate Hotel. The hotel graciously opened its doors to the couple, allowing them to still have their micro-wedding surrounded with their loved ones. Their parents built an arch adorned with flowers that made for a delightful altar amidst the warmth of the private dining room – tasked with taking over for what would’ve been a stunning backdrop provided by nature. What could’ve been seen as an unfortunate twist of fate ended up being nothing short of a perfect ending.

Katie and George’s Berkeley micro wedding was a heartfelt ceremony filled with love. Friends and family, as well as their furry family member watched on, eager to help the couple officially tie-the-knot!
Following their ceremony, Katie and George were joined by family members for – cozy family photos, a cocktail hour with passed apps in Dukes, and heartfelt speeches in the lobby. Their closest friends and family spoke passionately of the couple’s love and character, while tears of joy silently acknowledged their union.

As the passing of nightfall heralded the evening, guests transitioned to the dining room. There, Kate and George cut their cake and enjoyed a delicious meal graciously provided by the Graduate Hotel. With their hearts filled with joy and glasses overflowing with wine, both of them were deeply moved that such a moment could be so simply celebrated yet never forgotten.
Katie and George’s Berkeley micro wedding at the Graduate hotel was undeniably a success. Despite changing the venue late in their planning process, the couple pulled off a day of intentional celebration surrounded by their friends and family. Moreover, the Graduate set the stage for their perfect day with its eclectic, modern and cosy feel – something Katie and George were absolutely looking for. It’s uplifting to see couples still making lifelong commitments even through stressful events like a last minute venue change! In many ways, this couple acted as an example to us all of what true resilience in love can look like – proving that if you put your intentions first, no challenge is impossible.

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