Santa Cruz Wedding, Elopement & Minimony

Dreaming of a perfect beach wedding? Santa Cruz micro wedding might be perfect destination you’re looking for. Santa Cruz is ideally located on the Central Coast near San Francisco and San Jose, which makes this destination very accessible to your families and guests. Whether it’s an elopement, micro wedding, or minimony, Santa Cruz offers spectacular coastal venue options and also just up, or down the coast, in one of the many bucolic inland valleys. Here, it is too easy to find your perfect beach, a secluded redwood grove, or an amazing winery, and each creates the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Tons of activities await your guests from exploring the city’s art and culture, beaches, hiking trails, farmer’s markets, surfing, golf, and even a monarch butterfly sanctuary.  

A unique venue – and one of our favorites to work with for wedcations, is a small, family farm with a well appointed bed and breakfast, Sand Rock Farm. This perfect micro wedding venues is located just outside of Aptos and only 2 miles from the roar of the Pacific. Here you can enjoy a wedding retreat with up to a dozen of your closest family and friends all staying under one roof. You truly have the place to yourselves, and with gardens and quiet spaces throughout the property for your wedding day events, you may not even want to leave the property.

A Santa Cruz micro wedding is right for you if you like:

  • The Ocean
  • Redwoods
  • Outstanding farm to table dining
Your package will always include:
  • Stunning professional photography
  • Online web gallery of images to share with family and friends
  • An officiant to oversee your vows
  • Access to our handpicked vendors in and around Big Sur
  • Location consulting to help you choose the location that is best for you
  • Flowers for the two of you – either bouquets, boutonnieres or a combination
  • Wedding cake
  • Amplified music for your ceremony
  • Concierge services to help arrange lodging accommodations, services and more
santa cruz micro wedding packages

Micro wedding inspiration from previous couples

Featured Locations

We plan micro weddings, minimonies and elopements throughout Northern California. Check out some of the other locations we love to plan weddings at.

Gorgeous sandy beaches, rustic redwood forests, amazing wineries, and an awesome boardwalk.

Culinary capital, world-class accommodations, with both quirky and luxurious micro wedding venues.

Down to earth wineries, wild coastlines and redwood forests.

Iconic settings, redwood forests, unforgettable coastlines and waterfalls.

Epic coastline, redwood groves, extraordinary vineyards, and rich history.

Lake Tahoe micro wedding

Snow capped mountains, cobalt blue lake and alpine forests.

napa micro wedding

Romantic and luxurious aesthetic, lush vineyards and historic wineries, and quiet oak woodlands

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