Palm Springs Micro Wedding, Elopement & Minimony

Palm Springs micro wedding

Perfect for dessert lovers

A palm Springs micro wedding is the perfect spot for couples looking for an escape from the traditional wedding. With its desert oasis vibe, you can capture your love in a truly unique spot. Whether you’re looking for a quiet wedding or something more extravagant, Palm Springs has something for everyone. With its classic Hollywood vibe, luxury and casual boutique hotel options, and the warm temperatures year-round, Palm Springs is an ideal spot for couples to capture their love. Plus, there are plenty of National Parks to explore and it is with in close proximity to Los Angeles and is easy to travel to and from the area.

Warm Climate, Perfect for Any Season

A palm springs micro wedding is the perfect combination of serenity and excitement. Thanks to its warm, dry climate and sunny days, winter is an ideal season for a palm springs micro wedding, but summer is also great when you factor in cool pools and air conditioned indoor venues. No matter what time of year it is, palm springs will provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

Enjoy the Secrets of a “Health Resort”

Palm Springs is well-renowned as a “health resort”, with plenty of secrets to unearth. With its unique vibe, it’s easy to understand why couples may choose this location for their micro wedding. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay or something more casual, there are plenty of hotel options to choose from.

Here are some of the places that work seamlessly with for Palm Springs micro weddings

Joshua Tree National Park makes a unique and unforgettable backdrop for micro weddings. For those looking to have a smaller-scale celebration with the park itself as their vows’ setting, nearby Airbnbs provide comfortable lodging, while downtown Palm Springs lies just a stone’s throw away for larger gatherings. It’s many restaurants can offer tasty refreshments after the ceremony, making it easy to share an evening of joy and love with family and friends — all in a stunning setting framed by giant Joshua Trees, dramatic rock formations, and starry desert skies.

Or if you party is small enough, renting a house with in the park itself is an amazing way to go. Joshua Tree’s Wanderer House is one of our favorite places to recommend to clients. Working with us to have your ceremony at a private home makes everything super easy so that you and your guests can have a relaxing and unforgettable wed-cation. With stunning views, modern architecture, and cozy bohemian charms, the Wanderer House provides the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Morteens Botanical Gardens is the perfect place for palm springs micro weddings! An idyllic family-run venue nestled in the downtown area, it offers an abundance of interesting cacti plants for its guests to explore. As a cute little oasis tucked away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this spot is ideal for a light and intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family. The quirky atmosphere here is hard to find anywhere else and perfect for an intimate ceremony.

This is just a few of our favorite places. The micro wedding venues we have researched in the Palm Springs area is extensive. We can’t wait to share with you during your custom location search!

A Palm Springs micro wedding is right for you if you like:

  • Rustic & modern desert vibes
  • Pool side getaway
  • Mid-century architecture
Your package will always include:
  • Stunning professional photography
  • Online web gallery of images to share with family and friends
  • An officiant to oversee your vows
  • Access to our handpicked vendors in and around Big Sur
  • Location consulting to help you choose the location that is best for you
  • Flowers for the two of you – either bouquets, boutonnieres or a combination
  • Wedding cake
  • Amplified music for your ceremony
  • Concierge services to help arrange lodging accommodations, services and more

Micro wedding inspiration from previous couples

Featured Locations

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