Big Sur Micro Wedding, Elopement & Minimony

Because Big Sur and the Carmel coast are ideally suited to smaller events, a Big Sur micro wedding, elopement or minimony have always been amongst our favorites. That is to say for a wedding with rugged natural beauty, Big Sur is hard to beat.  And with accommodations ranging from camping to glamping to luxury with full spa services, you’re covered here!

 Nestled on California’s majestic central coast, Big Sur is an iconic slice of the Golden State. With its sweeping beaches and dramatic cliffs it isn’t hard to see why this picturesque area has been featured in countless copies of Sunset Magazine over 50 years – like a postcard from paradise!

From the rugged coastline of Big Sur, to the legendary links of Pebble Beach, to the farms and vineyards of Carmel Valley, to the serene redwoods of Julia Pfeiffer-Burns State Park, certainly California’s Central Big Sur Coast is always near the top of the list when it comes to micro weddings.

Just give plenty of advance notice when booking because the town is small and services are limited.

Here are some of the places that work seamlessly with for Big Sur micro weddings

Wind and Sea Estate is a stunning venue located in the rugged terrain of Big Sur. Drenched with breathtaking views, this paradise can sleep up to 10 without feeling overcrowded. It is equipped with a full kitchen suitable for private chefs, a spacious lawn surrounded by California natives, an outdoor fire pit and a stunning deck overlooking the Pacific ocean to view the passing whales. Both beautiful and comfortable, this combination will surely satisfy even your most discerning friends. It truly is one of a kind backdrop for your special day and one of our favorite places to recommend clients.

Or maybe its just the two of you and you want to exchange your wedding vows in a romantic and serene setting overlooking the Pacific? Simply drive down the coast for unparalleled experience. We have intimate knowledge of all the best Big Sur elopement locations (hint: there are tons just on the ‘side of the road’) – it’s all about finding a place that captures your special day and allows you to feel like you’re worlds away. There are plenty of luxury accommodations available nearby for your stay and after ceremony dinner such as Ventana, Bernardus Lodge, Post Ranch Inn.

If you are looking for a redwoods micro wedding in Big Sur, the Glen Oaks ceremony location is in the midst of beautiful redwoods and complete with the serene sound of a nearby river, creating an atmosphere that is intimately romantic. Picture saying your vows while the bright Californian sun streams through the trees, followed by toasting with cocktails on on the lawn with the meandering river below. Finally, dine in style on the private patio of Big Sur Bakery to share a casual yet elevated culinary delight for your reception.

A Big Sur micro wedding is right for you if you like:

  • Coastal sunsets
  • A secluded escape into nature
  • Dreamy getaway
Your package will always include:
  • Stunning professional photography
  • Online web gallery of images to share with family and friends
  • An officiant to oversee your vows
  • Access to our handpicked vendors in and around Big Sur
  • Location consulting to help you choose the location that is best for you
  • Flowers for the two of you – either bouquets, boutonnieres or a combination
  • Wedding cake
  • Amplified music for your ceremony
  • Concierge services to help arrange lodging accommodations, services and more
big sur elopement

Micro wedding inspiration from previous couples

Featured Locations

We plan micro weddings, minimonies and elopements throughout Northern California. Check out some of the other locations we love to plan weddings at.

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