Malibu micro wedding

Aracely and Rudy decided on a laid-back Malibu micro wedding, seamlessly combining Texan hospitality with the relaxed charm of California. Opting for a cozy VRBO venue, they extended the invitation to their closest Texas relatives, creating an intimate gathering of just 8 people against the stunning backdrop of the Malibu coast.

The couple prepared for the day in the comfort of their VRBO Malibu residence, favoring a down-to-earth approach over extravagance. The ceremony unfolded beneath a simple copper arch adorned with florals, set against the serene beauty of the Pacific. The VRBO effortlessly blended into its coastal surroundings, contributing to the intimate atmosphere that Aracely and Rudy envisioned.

The culinary experience, curated by the renowned Malibu Seaside Chef, took center stage. During the cocktail hour, guests enjoyed delightful bites with a panoramic coastal view, fostering an ambiance of casual sophistication. As daylight waned, the celebration transitioned to the patio for a three-course meal, where culinary delights were savored against the backdrop of a shimmering pool—culinary finesse harmonizing with the natural beauty of Malibu.

Indoors, within the cozy setting, the couple cut their intricately adorned cake, surrounded by heartfelt speeches that etched lasting memories. Aracely and Rudy’s Malibu micro wedding stood as a testament to simplicity and authenticity, effortlessly merging Texan roots with the universal essence of love against the captivating backdrop of Malibu’s coastal allure.

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