San Francisco City Hall Micro Wedding

Jaimee and Billy had always envisioned an intimate wedding in the heart of San Francisco. When we asked them about the specific location in the bustling city, Jaimee’s response was simple yet heartfelt, “Anywhere, I just want to get married!” Describing their wedding style as classic, they decided a San Francisco City Hall micro wedding with its timeless elegance, set the perfect stage for their love story. 

The iconic venue not only provided a stunning backdrop for their ceremony but also encapsulated the spirit of the city they hold dear. The allure of San Francisco City Hall lies not only in its grandeur but also in the intimate spaces it offers for special moments. Jaimee and Billy’s ceremony was classic and personal, surrounded by 20 of their closest friends and family with the warmth of their love resonating through the whole event. 

After the ceremony, the couple went to Fable Restaurant for their post-ceremony festivities. Nestled in the vibrant Castro neighborhood, Fable is renowned as the BEST garden patio restaurant in San Francisco, showcasing seasonal California cuisine. The restaurant’s patio, adorned with lush greenery and cute vibrant colors served as an idyllic setting for the couple and their guests to enjoy their mini reception. The intimate space allowed for meaningful interactions, aligning perfectly with the couple’s vision of an atmosphere of warmth and personal connection.

After the guests shared an intimate meal of California cuisine and heartfelt toasts with bubbles, they surprised their guests with a Matcha Tea Wedding Cake—a quirky choice that added a delightful personal touch to their day.

Jaimee and Billy embraced the relaxed atmosphere of their low-key San Francisco City Hall micro wedding. Their personal connections, and a dash of culinary creativity made their wedding genuinely memorable and uniquely their own.

In the end, Jaimee and Billy’s San Francisco City Hall micro wedding was a celebration of love, simplicity, and personal connections. From the iconic ceremony venue to the intimate reception at Fable, every choice they made reflected their vision for a classic and unique celebration. It was a day filled with warmth, joy, and the genuine moments that define a truly memorable wedding.

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